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  •    Apple News and Google Down June 3, 2019

    First, the quick news. Google had some major issues yesterday across a lot of their services, many of which were down throughout the day. I ended up getting a ton of emails and texts to schedule service because of this. Since my Google account was working, I did not know right away about this issue, so was as baffled as many of you. If you want to keep tabs on status, below is a link to check their services. You may want to bookmark this for later in case you have issues again with Google. If you click on the link now you will see all the red dots on the 6-2-19 date indicating the services that were down.

    Click here for the google status page: GOOGLE STATUS.

    Next up is the Apple news. Their big conference is this week, and they announced the new OS's coming out. No biggie there since that is the usual announcement. However Apple did announce a new OS for the iPads, so we will have a macOS, iOS, tvOS, watchOS and iPadOS........confused yet? :-)

    The good news is that Apple is simplifying OS development for the developers so Applications for the iPads and iPhones can be made more easily for the Mac as well .

    They also announced a new Mac Pro computer and a display that has incredible specs. Good news: the specs look amazing; Bad news: cost will be well over 10k for the setup.

    Finally, Apple also announced it is breaking apart iTunes and making separate Music, Podcast and TV apps to take its place. Also with the OS a new Photos upgrade will have the ability to find duplicates, something users have been asking about forever!

    Since none of these announcements will be out until at least September, I will have time to explore this and keep you posted.

  •    Off-Line Reading of Safari Web Pages April 15, 2019

    Quite often you might find yourself going someplace without an Internet connection, but would still like to read articles from your favorite websites. Here is how to save articles for off-line reading with the web browser Safari:

    1. Open Safari
    2. Hover your cursor over the URL field until you see a plus button (it appears to the left of the URL).
    3. Click on the plus button. This will add the item to the reading list.
    4. Open the reading list by clicking on the sidebar icon (at the top of the window, on the right of the arrow buttons), then the eyeglasses button.
    5. In the list you can control click any item to save for Offline reading. You can also avoid the control click if you want everything to be available for offline viewing in Safari by going to Preferences, click Advanced, then select “Save articles for offline reading automatically.”
    This is great for plane trips!
    To see a visual instruction on doing this, click HERE.

  •    Quitting Safari... Kinda April 8, 2019

    Everyone once in a while I need to quit out of Safari for one reason or another, but I don't want to lose all of the pages I have open. In those cases I hold down the "Option" key while quitting out as I normally do. The the next time I open Safari, all the pages that I had been using before come right back.

  •    Verifying the Back Up April 7, 2019

    We take for granted that Apple's Time Machine backup program is doing its job. However I do see backups go corrupt. If you use Apple's Time Machine for your backups, one thing that you can do once in a while for maintenance is to hold the Shift key down and select the Time Machine icon in the menu bar of your Mac, then select "BackUp with Consistency Scan". Note: this will take longer to "prepare" the backup since it verifies the files as it runs to ensure that they're in good working order.

  •    Trim Video in Apple's 'Photos' Program April 1, 2019

    Find a video you wish to trim/make shorter.

    1. Double click on the video.
    2. Once you hover over it you will see a gear icon.
    3. Click on that and select "trim".
    4. Then you can drag in the yellow sliders and select "trim".
    To see a visual instruction on doing this, click HERE.

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