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Airport and Time Capsule Learn to set up Apple's wireless router as well as Time Capsule, which has a built in hard drive for backing up.
Calendar Using Apple's Calendar program is an easy way to stay organized. Learn how to set up Calendar, use it with iCloud and access your Google calendars too.....
Chrome Google's web browser Chrome has many helpful features For searching and more!
Contacts Keep track of everyone using Apple's Contacts program. Learn all of the features that will help you to easily connect with friends, family, business a.....
Create a Shared Apple ID We are creating a second Apple ID to share info with other people. Good examples of this is for spouses to share contacts (such as sitters, repair peo.....
Drop Box A look at this helpful file sharing and cloud storage software.
Firefox This popular web browser has been around for years but has kept up with the newcomers by adding great features. Learn about to here to see if it will .....
GoDaddy Getting a domain name and hosting. then we set up email accounts and make things live.
iCloud Apple's iCloud is the cloud based solution for keeping all of your Apple devices in sync, managing your photos, maintaining contacts and more!
iMovie Explore Apple's video editing program.
iTunes Looking at Apple's media management program.
Mac Mail Using Apple's Mac Mail program.
Mac OS Information on using the macOS. Terminology, Dock, Folders, Organizing and much More!
Miscellaneous items that are not in a particular section
Pages Apple's word processor and page layout program.
Photos Learn how to use Photos, Apple's photo editing program.
Prepping photos for online printing We go through the steps of getting pictures prepared to print online, we use Kodak on this example.
Safari An in-depth look at Apple's web browser Safari.
Security Learn about the many options for keeping your Mac secure and private.
Time Machine Apple's automatic back up software Time Machine is easy to use and gives peace of mind knowing your data won’t be lost.
Tips Videos from our Tips of the Day