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# Video PDF Name
1 Adding images from Mac Mail into Apple Photos
2 Add images from Messages into Photos
3 Adding a Folder to the Dock
4 Catalina check
5 Video Frame
6 Preferred Network
7 Make a signature
8 Resize with dimensions
9 Format a hard drive for a PC to use.
10 Converting a PDF image to a JPEG
11 Setting up dictation and using it offline with Catalina and Big Sur
12 Open Wordperfect files. We download the application and use the program that will open them. Part 1
13 Making a custom signature for iPhone and iPad mail signature.
14 Saving the Wordperfect file into another format. Part 2
15 Erase your iPhone to return or pass on to another person.
16 Stop music from autoplaying after playlist is over.